5 Best Programming Laptops 2017 You Should Have Set Your Eyes On

There are many companies manufacturing laptops these days. The best way to choose one of them is to go with the company that you have been very familiar with. You should have known how good the company is. If you are a fan of ASUS laptops, we have 5 kinds of best programming laptop you can be sure to set your eyes on. Every each of them comes with the best features possible to offer the best performance for you. You will never regret your decision of choosing one of them. Let’s see here.

New Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBoook Air

Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop for programmingDecent Intel Core and High Turbo Boost

When it comes to laptop, we should not ignore its processor at all. As the central processing unit in computer, processor plays a big role for its performance. To ensure the best performance possible, ASUS has designed 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor. This series of processors is known to be decent in its work. It makes it possible for laptop to execute multi tasks at one time. Furthermore, this laptop can turbo boost up to 2.7GHz too, making it to work way faster.

Plenty of RAM and PCIe Flash Storage

Besides the processor, you will need to have plenty of memory in laptop’s RAM too for it to be able to process more and more demanding tasks. Of course, the more the RAM it has, the better laptop can process the tasks. This ASUS laptop is pretty promising, when it comes to such matter. It is because it has up to 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM. It is even 2 times more than the common one. Also, it offers up to 128GB flash storage to ensure to get plenty room to save your files.

Amazing Graphics for Visual Images

You might have decent processor and RAM already. However, it would only be disappointing if the laptop does not have good graphics on to allow you view decent visual images from it. You don’t have to worry though. ASUS has prepared this laptop for such needs. In its specification, this laptop has Intel HD Graphics 6000 to take care of the visual images. It might not have retina display to offer, but this graphics card has made it possible for us to get rich and clear view from the screen display.

Wide Display with Good Resolution

Of course, the graphics is not the only thing that is important to offer the best viewing experience in laptops. You will have to get wide enough screen size, supportive feature for it, and good enough resolution in it. Rest assured! ASUS knows what you need. This laptop here comes as 13.3 inches in size. It should be enough to give you wide view from this laptop. The screen also features LED-backlit Glossy display. With 1440 x 900 pixels of resolution, you can surely be satisfied with its display here.

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ASUS ZenBook UX305UA 13.3-Inch Laptop

asus ux305uaUltra Thin Design for Easy Slip In and Out

If there is something that laptop is most capable of, we would say that this ASUS laptop is the one that gives you the best portability possible if you own it. If you want to work outside with laptop, it is important for it to be able slip in and out of your bag easily, right? That is why ASUS makes an effort for making this laptop to be slim enough for you. To tell you the truth, ASUS has made it to be less than half an inch thin. With such ultra thin size, there will be no hassle of keeping it in your bag.

Ultra Light Weight for Easy Transportation

When it comes to portability, slim body design is not the only thing that matters. You will have to make sure that the laptop really is lightweight as well. If it is light in weight, surely bringing it around with you will no more be such a hassle for you. To live up to people’s expectations of portable laptop, this ASUS laptop has been designed to weigh for 2.9 pounds only. Truly, it is the ultra light weight that most people would want from laptop. With this weight, transporting it anywhere will be a piece of cake. You will simply be happy to work around with this ASUS laptop here. It has quite a deal in it.

Work in Completely Silent and Quiet Way

It might not have anything to do with portability, but it would be nice to work with laptop that operates in silent and quiet way. At least, we can feel comfortable while concentrating at what we are doing with the laptop. It would not disturb our surroundings too if we happen to work in the public areas. All of this is possible if it is this ASUS laptop that you choose. It is because both the processor and the SSD use chromium that are meant for improved cooling.

Sophisticated Overall Design of the Laptop

We are sure that you actually care about the look of the laptop. However, the look of this ASUS laptop we are talking about here is not simply something beautiful or cool to look at. To be exact, this laptop has been designed to have sophisticated look on. Inspired by circular clock, it is made with laser-edged, circle pattern on. Furthermore, ASUS also designs this laptop with aluminum body, thus adding the form to functionality and complimenting more to its portability.

ASUS ZenBook UX303UA Touchscreen Laptop

asus zenbook ux303u nw g03Intuitive and Superior Touch

If we have to say what so good from this laptop is, we would say that it offers great deal in its touch input experience. It is laptop with touch screen we are talking about here. To answer customers’ expectations of reliable touch screen, ASUS has its screen featured mere 6mm actuators. Because of that, you will be able to get more intuitive and superior touch input experience. The reliability of its touch screen becomes the second to none, making it promising one to choose because of this deal.

Stunning Viewing Experience

ASUS does not only strive to give the best experience in touch in this laptop. It also gives so much attention to its viewing experience. As the best ASUS laptop, this laptop offers up to 178-degree viewing angles in its screen. There is also incredibly accurate color reproduction too, making it just perfect for lifelike entertainment. Of course, you can expect vivid and crisp visual images from this laptop here. Touch experience will be all the more satisfying with the best viewing experience too.

Convenient Backlit Keyboard

Even typing experience in this laptop is very nice, you see. Why? It is because ASUS has designed this laptop to have backlit keyboard on. With the use of ambient-light sensor technology, it becomes possible for the keyboard backlight to adjust its light automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting of the room or space you are in. If it is this laptop that you choose, there will be no more need for you to worry about the lights when you work with this laptop even in complete darkness.

All-Day Battery with Energy Efficiency

We have to say that even its battery works great in this laptop. Why? First, it can last for up to 7 hours. It is long enough time for you to work with your laptop when you are away from the outlet. Second, this laptop is designed to offer you energy efficiency as well. There is Exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II technology used in it, making it boost your battery life up to 25% when you are executing less demanding tasks. There will be no need to worry about how long this laptop can last for you.

2016 Newest ASUS Ultra Slim High Performance Laptop

ASUS K401 Ultra Slim Full HD LaptopHelpful and Reliable Wi-Fi to Stay Connected

Speaking about this laptop, you can always expect some or even many good things from it in almost all sorts of aspects there are in laptop. ASUS knows people tend to buy laptop to stay connected to internet. Considering this, ASUS has designed this laptop with helpful and reliable 802.11bgn Wi-Fi on. With the existence of Wi-Fi feature, you will be able to connect to the internet wherever there is internet connection. Not to mention, this Wi-Fi feature works fast and great to load the web pages.

Further Improved Web Camera for Chatting

People don’t need to stay connected to the internet only to do web surfing. Most internet users in this world like to do online chatting as well. Thus, we need web camera to chat other people face to face through laptop. For this needs, ASUS has prepared this laptop to have VGA web camera on which has been known for giving clear image of the person you are talking to. You don’t have to worry. The VGA web camera in this laptop is the one that has been fixed, so you can put trust on it.

Impressive Built-In Speaker and Microphone

When you do online chatting, of course you will do communication in oral way. To speak and to hear, you need good enough speaker and microphone in the laptop you use. If it is this laptop that you choose, there will be nothing to worry about. It is because this ASUS laptop has impressive built-in speaker and microphone in. With the use of Sonic Master technology, you will get to hear what the other person has to say clearly. Thus, you will definitely be able to talk like when you do it directly.

Very Familiar Windows Operating System

It is new laptop we are talking about here. It is only obvious for it to have Windows 10 as its operating system. However, the one in this laptop is Windows 10 64-bit. It does well to bring back the very familiar Start Menu from Windows 7. You don’t have to learn your ways that long to easily navigate this laptop. Furthermore, this ASUS laptop comes with added, new features, like Edge Web browser as well. This feature will be convenient for it lets you markup web pages you want on screen.

ASUS Flip 2-in-1 15.6-Inch Laptop

ASUS Flip 2-in-1 15.6-Inch LaptopMulti Modes Besides Being Powerful Laptop

This ASUS laptop you get here is the one known for its powerful performance. However, it is not the only thing that this laptop is so good at. Did you know? This laptop can offer you more than one mode. You can use it as laptop, table, or anything in between. Why is this possible? It is because this laptop has been designed with special hinge that can be set at any angle between 0 degree and 360 degree. Special feature like this is very neat to get from laptop, right? You will like to work with it.

Premium Look That Is Stylish and Beautiful

From its flip design, you know that this laptop has premium feel to offer. Even so, you will still get premium quality in its look as well. How? Well, you know it has special hinge, right? This special hinge is actually what is responsible to give minimalist and stylish look on it. Furthermore, ASUS Splendid technology makes this laptop offers spectacular visuals on its screen too. All of this contributes so much to give sheer beauty on the screen of this laptop. Really, ASUS is just great.

Highly Satisfying, Responsive Touchscreen

Yes, this ASUS laptop is the one that has touch screen on. You can use it as tablet after all, so touch screen is a must here. ASUS knows well that it won’t be satisfying enough if this laptop is not responsive in its touch screen. That is why ASUS has designed this laptop’s touch input to be high in sensitivity. With that, its touch screen has become totally intuitive. It even applies to its touchpad and keyboard as well. When they are very responsive like this, it should be convenient to work with.

Full Sound with Exclusive Technology

Other thing that you should note about this laptop is none other than its sound. This ASUS laptop is also the one that features the use of exclusive technology called SonicMaster. With that technology, this one has been made into the best ASUS laptop that can deliver deeper and richer bass in its sound. Moreover, there are larger speakers that allow wider audio range and clarity, and special chambers for fully expanding the sound outwards. Really, you can expect no less from this laptop.